Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on California’s Unemployment Rate

Califonia is facing not only a budget crisis, but a one of the highest jobless rates in the nation. Today, the Governor issued the following statement:

“Our economy continues to be difficult,
especially for people who have lost their jobs or who have begun
looking for one. As our state unemployment rate rises, my
administration continues to work hard to generate jobs and help
re-train people who have lost jobs in our hard-hit industries.

“I have urged the Legislature to pass an economic stimulus package
that includes workplace reforms to help keep jobs in California and
ways to speed up the release of billions of in-the-pipeline
infrastructure and construction dollars into our economy; and our
increased unemployment rate underscores the need for that package to be
passed in the Legislature immediately.

“This week, through my Labor and Workforce Development Agency, I
have taken action to pump out $33 million in job training funds
directed toward regions of the state hit hardest by our economic
downturn and to our military veterans. These grants will provide
education, training, and job placement assistance for thousands of

“I also want to reiterate the need to shore up our state’s
Unemployment Insurance Fund. We’ve known for years that changes must be
made to the Fund to keep it solvent, and it is unfortunate that now,
when we need it most, it is racing toward the red. I have proposed a
plan to ensure this important Fund continues to be a safety net for
unemployed Californians and for our economy, and I urge the Legislature
to pass it.

“I am pleased that, today, President Bush signed an extension of
unemployment benefits that my administration had pushed so hard for, so
that Californians out of work can continue to receive their benefits
through the holiday season.”