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Follow the Money: Who is Funding Prop 1A?

by Chris Moody, published

Researches at the San Francisco Chronicle reported that proponents of Prop 1A, the bill that would allow bonds to be sold to finance a multi-billion dollar high speed rail link, have raised about $2 million for their cause.

While opponents to the bill have not yet created an official campaign association, they are resting on the idea that the proposed legislation is simply so ridiculous and poorly timed that there's no way a sane California electorate will let it pass.

While California faces one of the worst budget crises in recent history, official supporters of Prop 1A still contend that spending $10 billion-plus on a train is worth tax payer's money. But who are these people?

Compliments of the Chronicle:

"Nearly all of the campaign contributions have come from engineering and construction companies or organized labor groups that could benefit financially if the state moves ahead with plans to build an 800-mile statewide high-speed train system."

There you have it. The main fundraisers of this massively ill timed spending bill are, surprise surprise, the same people who will make a killing from it. Granted, who wouldn't want a cheap and quick trip to LA and back? The Amtrak service is unreliable and slow. Flying is a pain.

It really would be nice. But we just can't afford it.

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