Speak for Yourself

The Independent Voter Network provides a news platform for civic leaders, journalists, voters, and candidates who want to speak for themselves. FIVE’s goal is to create a nationwide news source where contributing writers are free to write for themselves, and not on behalf of the network itself. All articles, commentaries and opinions are the sole work of the individual authors and are not directed or controlled by FIVE.

IVN believes that traditional media, in large part, has encouraged the polarization of our political process by sensationalizing the headlines and reducing the dialogue to a “left v. right” mentality. The Independent Voter Network was established to counter this trend by providing independent news. “Independent News,” is defined as news that is not developed from a partisan point of view. By providing a place for independent sources of news, we can begin to repair the broken political system and empower writers, contributors, commentators, candidates and voters who are willing to speak for themselves.