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John Marshall Elementary School in City Heights. Photo by Vito Di Stefano for IVN San Diego
Election 2020

San Diego 2020 Elections: Measure D

Official Ballot Title for Measure D

Procedures to Remove School Board Members for Cause and To Fill Vacancies

Official Ballot Question for Measure D

Shall the City Charter be amended to include the office of School Board member from the San Diego UnifiedSchool District under City laws that address removal of elected officials for cause, filling vacancies in elected office, and succession to office?

What is Measure D?

If approved, Measure D will amend the City Charter to allow for the removal of San Diego Unified School District board members for cause. Currently, elected city officials can be removed for cause but not school board members. 

Official Ballot Arguments in Favor of Measure D

Measure D protects the public from politicians who are convicted of crimes but refuse to do the right thing and resign.

We need to have a process set up before these scandals occur.

See the rest of the arguments in favor of Measure D here.

Who is Supporting Measure D?

Among the supporters of Measure D are:

Chris Cate, San Diego Council member 

Vivian Moreno, San Diego Council member 

Ricardo Daniel Castillo, retired City Heights teacher and veteran 

Francine Maxwell, president of NAACP in San Diego

Arguments for the opposing side were not filed with the Office of the City Clerk. 

Read all ballot arguments submitted to the San Diego City Clerk here

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