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Internet Connection Is Biggest Struggle for San Diego Families Homeschooling

As COVID-19 continues to keep some schools closed, IVN San Diego reached out to parents to find out their biggest struggles. A strong Internet connection proved to be one of the biggest challenges. Watch the video for more.


It's Time to Close the Digital Divide Because Having Internet Access is a Human Right

Closing the Distance: What Distance Learning Really Looks Like

What is this story missing? Let us know. >>What is this story missing? Let us know. >>

About the Author

JC Polk

JC Polk is executive producer for IVN San Diego, bringing more than a decade of experience to the team.


About the Author

Hoa Quach

Hoa is an award-winning journalist and editor. She's also a mother and yoga instructor but hasn't won any awards in those areas yet.

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