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Jazmin Hernandez. Photo by Vito Di Stefano
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It's Hard to Breathe: San Diego COVID-19 Survivors Share Experiences

More than 238,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 with 908 of those deaths in San Diego County as of Monday morning. San Diego County health officials warned if cases continue to increase, locals will have to revert back to the most restrictive rules again.

IVN San Diego spoke to three San Diegans who are among the more than 60,000 cases reported locally, including one man who donated his plasma to help treat other patients. They shared how the novel disease impacted their health and lives. Hear their stories by watching the videos.

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About the Author

Vito Di Stefano

Vito Di Stefano is an international freelance photojournalist based in San Diego, focusing on social justice, immigration and the human experience.

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