Frequently Asked Questions

IVN is different because we present news directly from the source of that information. We only publish content that contributes positively to the quality of our public political dialogue. We always remain true to the news, allowing sensationalism, personal attacks, and other forms of yellow journalism to flourish elsewhere.
The Independent Voter Network (IVN) is a publication of the Foundation for Independent Voter Education (FIVE) and the Independent Voter Project (IVP). Beyond a requirement for civility, FIVE does not dictate the content of IVN. The Network’s goal is to seek to improve public dialogue by providing independent information, presenting various viewpoints, and encouraging thoughtful discussion. FIVE is the sister organization of the Independent Voter Project (IVP), most well-known for authoring California’s Proposition 14, the “Open Primary Initiative,” which was passed decisively by the voters in the 2010 election. IVP is a non-profit C4 organization dedicated to the independent-minded voter regardless of their political party affiliation or preference. FIVE is a non-profit C3 organization founded in 2006 as an effort to engage non-partisan voters in California’s policy-making process.
No. IVN will always remain independent of political identities. The network is a place for people of all political affiliations and tendencies to have open and honest debate. IVN simply moderates that debate.
There are three types of writers on IVN: (1) public officials, (2) civic leaders, and (3) journalists. IVN only publishes content from writers who respect our etiquette guidelines on and off the network.
It depends. IVN does not believe that writing for a major publication is what makes a journalist. In fact, IVN was founded with the opinion that there are few real ‘journalists’ left in traditional media. With that in mind, any person that has exhibited a history of honest and informative journalism, whether in a major publication, an independent blog, or a home diary, will be welcomed at IVN.
We have a staff of experienced editors who review submissions for grammatical errors and ensure that all content meets our etiquette guidelines. Because many of our writers are not regular journalists, we provide editorial services to all writers for free.
We are not a conventional news source. We are non-profit (we won’t sensationalize headlines to boost our numbers or yell at you in 72 font). The source of IVN’s success lies in the quality of its writers, not on the influence of our advertisers. We are a new network for a new age in media.
If you already have an IVN writer account you can log into your account by clicking the ‘login’ icon at the top-right of the green navigation bar above or simply click HERE. Once you’ve logged in you can use the black navigation toolbar and click ‘New’ then ‘Post’ or simply click HERE.