One Thing We Can All Agree On: The Government Sucks Right Now

Gallup released a report Wednesday that said the American people’s overall negative perception of the government and our elected officials will only get worse if lawmakers and the president cannot prevent a government shutdown.

Here are some quick stats:

  • 1 in 5 Americans approve of Congress’ job performance;
  • President Trump’s approval rating has slipped to historic lows;
  • 25 percent of Americans believe government is the US biggest problem — not immigration, not national security, not health care, or any other issue; and
  • After the October 2013 shutdown, the number of Americans who said the government was the US biggest problem rose to 33%.

Americans are frustrated. They want change. They want a government that is functional and will put the people’s business above petty partisan squabbles or the demands of special interests.

Unfortunately, the current electoral system has been manipulated by the two major political parties to block out competition and close the door on any substantive change from happening.

Congress kicks the can down the road on the nation’s biggest issues, and every few months we are right back at the threat of a government shutdown, and instead of talking about the issues that matter, we deal with another “s***hole,” tit-for-tat squabble in the media and among lawmakers that completely misses the point of the issue at hand.

If we want change in how elected officials create policy and govern, we need to change how they are elected.

That is part of the reason why reformers, nonpartisan organizations, pundits, and celebrities from across the political spectrum are meeting in New Orleans in the first weekend of February at the Unrig The System Summit.

Check out full details on the event here.

Special guests and attendees will discuss various ways we can fix our broken and rigged election system. IVN will be there to cover the event live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and with updated news coverage on