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President Trump: Americans Are The Rulers of Their Nation Once Again

by IVN News, published

President Donald Trump gave a widely televised speech Monday, during which he laid out his vision for security and defense, economic growth, infrastructure, and touted America's achievements over the last year.

The president also pointed to what he perceives as the political failures of the past on trade, foreign policy, the economy, and more, and touted his 2016 election as a pivotal turning point in modern political history.

"On top of everything else, our leaders drifted from American principles, they lost sight of America's destiny, and they lost their belief in American greatness," the president said.

"As a result, our citizens lost something as well. The people lost confidence in their government, and eventually lost confidence in their future. But last year, all of that began to change. The American people rejected the failures of the past. You rediscovered your voice, and reclaimed ownership of this nation, and its destiny."

He went on to say that on January 20, he heralded the day voters "became the rulers of their nation again."

Read the full transcript of the speech here.

What do you think? Is the president right about the state of politics before and after his election?

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