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Mail-In Ballots/Returns Reaching Record For County Of San Diego

by Kristen Henderson, published


San Diego, CALIF. - More than one million mail-in ballots have been sent to voters of San Diego County. If confirmed by Registrar Michael Vu, that would represent a new record.

Inewsource has reported that 1.11 million early ballots were issued. This means, of the 1.5 million San Diegans registered to vote, 65% intend to vote by mail.  So far, the Registrar has received 501,687 completed ballots.

A plethora of mail-in ballots can be expected to roll in today.

Elections analyst Vince Vasquez told inewsource that, given the sheer length of the ballot this year, absentee voters likely spent a substantial amount of time studying the ballots before mailing them in. Additionally, Vasquez indicated that a number of absentee voters complete their ballots at home with the intention of dropping them off at polling booths on Election Day.

The number of mail-ballot voters was higher than that of precinct voters in 2012, and this year, even more San Diegans opted to vote by mail.  850,000 early ballots were issued in 2012, 675,007 of them were cast.

As for the 2016 General Election, of the 501,687 ballots received so far, 40% came from Democrats, 37% from Republicans, and 22% of the ballots from NPP.

See the voter breakdown below:

DEM    200,685

REP     184,408

NPP     108,433

AI     14,966

LIB     3,433

GRN     1,512

Expect election results posted shortly after 8 o’clock by the Registrar Tuesday night.

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