GOP Mayor on Cruise Control as Opponents Cry 911

(San Diego, California) – Ed Harris won the Democratic Party endorsement for mayor, but his campaign has not benefitted from the kind of funding from Democratic power brokers one might expect.

The massive difference in funding between Republican incumbent Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Democrat Harris, and independent Lori Saldaña became apparent this week.

Republican Faulconer launched a robust tv ad buy that features a soft sell commercial which underplays his Republican credentials.

Democrat Harris appeared to have no cash to buy time for the spot his team produced which highlights the city’s embarrassing 911 system failure.

And, Saldaña has seized on the same subject in her own spot, but also lacks any actual time buys to date.

Strange things have happened on the national political scene this year but in San Diego the Mayor’s race is likely to follow form with the well funded Republican incumbent winning outright despite the fact that the city’s Democrats and independents outnumber Republicans by more than two to one.