Gary Johnson Says N.H. Results ‘Leave a Majority Without a Choice’

The Tumblr blog, Gary Johnson News, posted Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson‘s response to the New Hampshire primary results Tuesday night. Johnson’s statement is as follows:

“New Hampshire’s results proved once again that the so-called major party nominating process produces candidates who are on the edges of the political and policy spectrum, leaving the majority of Americans without a choice they can feel good about.

“I remain convinced that the real majority in America are fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. They want a government that does less and costs less, and allows individuals to run their own lives, businesses and families.

“If voters are looking to the winners of the New Hampshire primary for a candidate who reflects those beliefs, they are going to be disappointed.

“2016 is shaping up to be the year when the real ‘mainstream’ candidate won’t be found in either the Republican or Democratic nominees.”

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