Why Jeb Bush’s New Tech ‘Guru’ Faces Scrutiny

When it comes to technology and data, the Democratic Party is far ahead of the game. Just think back to the 2008 presidential election, when Obama’s digital team, comprised of some of the brightest minds in technology, took the nation by storm.

So why does 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush think he stands a chance competing with the data-driven giants of the Democratic Party?

“He wants to be the data guy,” Ezra Klein writes while describing Bush’s desire to be a Republican technocrat.

That explains Bush’s recent hiring of Ethan Czahor, the co-founder of Hipster.com, to lead his digital efforts online. The team has already made its mark, creating a new website on which some 250,000 personal emails have been published “in the spirit of transparency.”

What the self-proclaimed “greatest political tech stack ever created” failed to do, however, is make sure sensitive personal information was removed from the emails before publishing them.

Personal conversations, home addresses, and even social security numbers of Florida residents were revealed to the public on Bush’s website. 

However, this is not the only slip-up from Jeb Bush’s new tech hire, Ethan Czahor…