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Independent Candidates Form Alliance to Permanently End Partisan Gridlock

by Bruce Skarin, published

Is there a way to end gridlock forever? What about gerrymandering, closed primaries, and high-barrier requirements for outsiders? Even then, what about the complete dependence candidates have on a tiny group of funders that have corrupted our government?

When considered all together, we are back to a time of taxation without any meaningful representation. A conclusion that a recent Princeton study resoundingly confirms.

A wave of bold upstart independents from across the U.S. believe there is way to restore representation to the people and that 2014 is the year to launch their strategy.

At noon eastern time on June 11, these congressional candidates will pull the wraps off of IndyAlliance.US, an experiment to see if at least one percent of independents in the US will re-declare their independence from the modern-day colonial rulers by midnight July 4.

Independents are notoriously hard to organize because they are, well... independent. Yet, something is changing in the United States.

showing how disenfranchised Americans are with the political establishment, the country is moving toward unanimity on at least one issue:

With poll after poll

In response to this upheaval, these smart and savvy political outsiders have answered the call for creating comprehensive reform. To be successful, however, voters need to be able to see the big picture. One of the most common arguments against supporting independent candidates is: “What difference will one independent representative make?”

Currently, there are zero independents in the U.S. House and only two in the U.S. Senate. Will adding one more make any difference?

The truth is, it would be really tough, because the rules in Congress strongly reinforce a two-party system by requiring any independent to caucus with a major party. As it stands now, a few representatives and another senator will not be enough to hold any real leverage over the establishment.

So why support an independent if the "lesser of two evils" can at least be effective on some issues?

IndyAlliance.US is setting out to provide a fairly simple, yet highly effective answer. What exactly do these independents have in store? Join their Thunderclap now to be one of the first to know more.

The IndyAlliance.US founders:

  • Bruce Skarin - U.S. Senate - Massachusetts
  • Terry Hampton - U.S. House - Missouri 8th District
  • Luther Lee - U.S. House - Florida 2nd District
  • Josh Ramirez - U.S. House - Washington 4th District
  • Mark Bray - U.S. House - Alabama 5th District
  • Stephanie Anderson - U.S. House - Florida 23rd District
  • Tim Dean - U.S. House -  New York 25th District
  • Dave Wilson - U.S. House - Washington 5th District
  • Josh Dill - U.S. House - Illinois 13th District

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