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Republican States Receive the Most Federal Welfare

by Thomas A. Hawk, published

It's time we have an honest discussion about what different states give to the federal government and receive in return. We talk a lot about social welfare, but we don't talk about the federal welfare that transfers money from one state to another.

Is it fair that some states give the federal government much more than they receive in return, and then we are asked to compare the fiscal responsibility of these states as if there is an even playing field?

Many "red states" beat their chest as being fiscally conservative. Proud of their low income tax, business friendly environment, and self-reliance rhetoric.

But is it fair?

California, a "blue state," gets just $.80 back for every $1 they put in. New York, even worse. They get less than $.75 on their dollar.

Whose going to start calling out the hypocrisy of some of the red states who point fingers at states like California and New York as the problem? These states want self-reliance? On what? California and New York's goodwill?

This isn't something Democrats should be proud of. They're leaders are the one's sitting there while their citizens get the short end of the stick.

Not something Republicans should be proud of either. Kinda hard to be the fiscal conservative when you ask Uncle Sam to pay your bills.

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Data Source: Mother Jones

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