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Congress Reduces Workdays in 2014, With No Pay Cuts

by Jane Susskind, published

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor released the 2014 Congressional calendar this morning with a tweet:

What next year's House Calendar reveals is that despite abysmal approval ratings, worsened by a 17 day government shutdown, Congress has decided to work less.

In 2014, they are scheduled to work just 113 days of the entire year. Compared to 2012's work schedule which consisted of 126 scheduled workdays, that's a significant decrease.

"And for their lack of effort, federal lawmakers are afforded a very comfortable paycheck of $174,000 per year — or $3,346 per week, plus full benefits," IVN contributor Wendy Innes reports in a comparison of Congress' salaries to that of medium American workers.

Congress has only ever taken a pay cut twice in history, she continues: one in 1874 after the "Long Depression" and the other in 1932-1934 responding to the Great Depression.


Should Congress take a pay cut if they reduce the number of days they work next year?

Image: Security & Defense Agenda 

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