Government to Reopen – Obamacare Untouched, Cruz Steps Aside

Outspoken Obamacare opponent and Texas’ junior Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, announced Wednesday he would not prevent a bipartisan agreement to fund the government from going forward. Cruz spearheaded efforts opposed to implementing the law, going so far as to lead a 21-hour talk-a-thon last month dedicated to ‘fighting against’ Obamacare.

Critics of Cruz alleged that the spectacle of a filibuster and his numerous media appearances was just for show, and defunding Obamacare using the legislative tactics employed would not produce tangible results. For the moment at least, that appears to be the case.

Representative Peter King (R-New York) said of Cruz while speaking on CNN, “I lay almost all of it at his feet because he’s the one who started this… this strategy never had a chance to work, he knew it wasn’t going to work… this was just a stunt by him, and as a result of that, the country is on the verge of default and the government is shut down.”

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The budget deal currently under consideration would fund both the government and Obamacare until January 15 and move the next deadline on the debt limit to February 7.

Early Wednesday, Cruz spoke at a press conference explaining why he wont utilize another filibuster effort:

“I have no objections to the timing and the reason is simple, There’s nothing to be gained from delaying this vote one day or two days. The outcome will be the same. Every senator, every member of the House is gonna have to make a decision where he or she stands, but there’s no benefit. I’ve never had any intention of delaying the timing of this vote.”

Watch the rise and fall of Cruz’s defund Obamacare effort:

So the question remains, was all of it just for show?


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