Independent Truckers of America Try to Clog the Roads in DC

The “Independent Truckers of America” have shut down many highways in Washington DC in what has been billed a “Ride For The Constitution.” Part of their message is to tear down the barricades on the veterans memorial.

From their website:

Let’s show these bastards who runs this place — they will NEVER be able to control a nationwide protest.  We are demanding that Congress follow the US Constitution immediately; comply with our lawful demands, or their refusal will cause  a shutdown.  They either follow along with the plan by October 11th or they will be personally responsible for shutting our system down — they have a choice, but one of them is not to continue to operate lawlessly after October 11th.  We have one shot at doing this peacefully; lawfully and constitutionally, but if we do NOT rise up, the alternative is a horrifying collapse and a violent revolution.”