Australia’s HEMP Party Formally Launched Its Election Campaign

Flag of Australia.svg  Australias HEMP Party Formally Launched Its Election CampaignAn Australian political party titled Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) has officially began its 2013 election campaign. The group is reaching out to 12 Senate candidates across 6 states, and calling for the legalization of marijuana on a national level.

“America has given us huge encouragement,” proclaimed Michael Balderstone, HEMP’s President. “Half of America now has access to medical cannabis and now they’ve started to get new regulations for recreational cannabis. So, you now, the wall is down there and no big deal, the place hasn’t gone crazy.”

In Australia, the production of industrial hemp is legal, but its psychoactive cousin that we all adore remains illegal. Help End Marijuana Prohibition wants marijuana legalized for all adults, which is a strategy that they feel will help bring an end to the criminal activity that is directly associated with the black market.


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