Eliot Spitzer’s political comeback nearly complete.

On Thursday July 11th, 2013, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer who was forced out of office because of being caught up in a prostitution scandal, 5 years ago, in 2008, infamously known as client number 9, has made it one step closer to completing his political comeback in New York.

The former New York Governor has submitted the required 27,000 signatures for an elected official to be on the ballot for public office in the state. Former governor Spitzer who is now in the running in  the democratic primary, for the position of New York State comptroller, has the lead among his challengers in the field.

The former Governor,  who leads among the Democratic primary polls, by a 9 point margin over the nearest challenger, New York state representative, Scott Stringer, 46% to 40% margin with a plus or minus of 4. The poll which was taken among 536 registered New York State democrats who say they plan on voting in the primary and in the upcoming election.

Spitzer, who also has seen his numbers improve among New York state democrats, who were polled when asked questions about his personal life. When asked about if he deserved a second chance among democratic voters, the poll registered a 67% response saying that they thought he deserved a second change. The poll also registered a 44% response who said that they believed that Spitzer was a changed man.