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IVN: Beyond the Headlines for the Week of July 8th

by Chad Peace, published
Hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day weekend. As the summer continues, IVN is excited to have several new interns and regular contributors join the network. We are very pleased with the level of quality journalism and hope you appreciate the insight into issues that are often overlooked by the mainstream media. Additionally, IVN is constantly working on major developmental changes to the website to make it even more interactive for our readers. We always welcome user feedback, so please don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to improve the IVN experience. - The IVN Team

What You Missed

digital learning in classrooms

NEA Says Digital Learning is Important, Won't Replace Need for Teachers

On Friday, delegates to the 2013 National Education Association Representative Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia formally adopted a new policy statement coming out in support of digital learning, while maintaining support for traditional teacher-led education. This is a major step for the nation's largest teacher organization...
Missed Opportunities in CA Prison Reform Led to Overpopulation

Missed Opportunities in California Prison Reform Led to Overpopulation

California has reduced its prison population by over 50 percent in a little over a year by rerouting low-level offenders to county jails and encouraging alternatives to incarceration. Core sentencing and pretrial detention reform recommended by the ACLU was, however, attempted and failed by the 2012 state Legislature.
22 Percent of Florida Voters Denied Full Participation in Elections

22 Percent of Florida Voters Denied Full Participation in Elections

The nonpartisan election reform commission established by Obama held its first public meeting last Friday, June 28, at the University of Miami, where elected officials, analysts, and voters discussed the current electoral process in Florida and reforms needed to improve the system.
Why the NSA Apology Doesn't Erase Privacy Concerns

Why the NSA Apology Doesn't Erase Privacy Concerns

A month ago, Edward Snowden lifted the veil that the National Security Agency had shrouded: the proof of citizens' digital information being infiltrated. This came after Director James Clapper explicitly stated to the press that his agency did not use its technology to these ends.
What is COPPA

What is COPPA?

COPPA was implemented in 1998 and is designed to protect the privacy of children using the Internet. Under COPPA, website operators must give notice to parents of any child under the age of 13 that they are using their child's information and acquire parental consent before they save any of this information.
new jersey fails to pass campaign finance reform

New Jersey Fails to Pass Campaign Finance Reform to Increase Transparency

The New Jersey Legislature goes on summer recess most years for all of July and August. In the weeks preceding this break, members of both houses increase their activity, attempting to vote on legislation before two months go by without any possibility for action. This year, the state's legislative body attempted to address issues of gun control, rent control, and campaign finance reform

Independent Spotlight

IVP Submits Initiative to End Taxpayer Funding of Political Parties

The “End Taxpayer Funding of Political Parties” initiative would prohibit the State of California from spending taxpayer funds and using state administrative resources to run private party elections and encourage the parties to voluntarily use the results of the nonpartisan open primary to select Presidential convention delegates. Read online.
Despite the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that political parties are ‘private organizations’, taxpayers continue to pay for their private partisan activities — even though the parties repeatedly assert their right of “private association” in their efforts to prevent the over 40% of voters who self-identify as independent voters from exercising a meaningful vote. Public elections would not be effected by IVP's initiative. California would continue to administer the state-funded nonpartisan primary system, whereby all candidates and all voters participate in a single-ballot primary. Don't forget to sign the petition here!

Column of the Week

Independent Voice
Independent Voice takes a deeper look at topics from federalism to federal health care mandates to dysfunction in Congress. Edwin "Chip" Brown gives readers a look a national and South Carolina politics with an independent flair.   Recent articles on Independent Voice: Was America Founded As A Christian Nation? Could Syria Be Our Next War In the Middle East? Should The President of the United States Be Elected By Popular Vote? Are you a political writer who is more interested in issues than entertainment? Find out how you can join the IVN Network today.

Contributor of the week

Debbie Sharnak
Debbie Sharnak is a PhD candidate in history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a focus on Latin America and international relations. Her work examines the origins and evolution of human rights. Debbie is also an Adjunct Instructor at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY, a consultant at the New Media Advocacy Project, and a regular contributor at IVN. The latest from Debbie: New Jersey Fails to Pass Campaign Finance Reform to Increase Transparency Independent Voters Offered Variety of Options in NYC Mayoral Race New Wisconsin Abortion Law Requires Ultrasound, Follows Popular Trend Become an IVN contributor today.

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