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42% of Americans Unfamiliar with Basic Independence Day Facts

by Michael Higham, published

Most Americans will take the day off and jump into Summer fun on the Fourth of July. And some of us will spend some time reflecting on what the day means, or what our democracy has become. Some need to find better ways to celebrate the day. But let's run down some Independence Day facts to tie all our reflections together.

  • 58 percent of Americans know which year the country declared its independence. 26 percent did not know, and 16 percent answered a different year.
  • 74 percent know which country the United States declared its independence from (spoiler alert: Great Britain). 20 percent did not know and 6 percent mentioned another country
  • About 74 million Americans will cook out on the Fourth. This will include 155 million hot dogs, 700 million pounds of chicken, and 68.3 million cases of beer.
  • Although fireworks conclude the celebration of United States' roots and freedoms, $211 million worth of fireworks are imported from China. 22 tons of fireworks will be blasted into the New York City sky.
  • The colors mean more than simply "freedom." Red: hardiness and valor. White: hope, purity, and innocence. Blue: vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

An infographic from Easy Finance encompasses all these Independence Day Facts:

Independence Day Facts: From Revolutions to Barbecues Credit:

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