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The Drone Next Door: Elevating the Debate #FTdrones

by Jane Susskind, published

In order to delve into the implications of drone policy on Washington, technology, civil rights, manufacturing, and journalism, Future Tense Now, a project of Slate, New America Foundation, and Arizona State, hosted "The Drone Next Door Conference" today. Here's what you missed:

"Call them drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, or remote-control planes; these high-tech devices have appealed to Border Patrol and local law enforcement, but also to conservationists, journalists, hobbyists, and more. How do we decide who gets to have their own set of eyes in the skies? What does it mean for your privacy and safety if your neighbors get their own drone?" - New America Foundation

"The View from Capitol Hill" with Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar and Rosa Brookes of New America Foundation.

"A New Technology Takes Flight" with Missy Cummings of MIT, Michael Toscano, President and CEO, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, moderated by Shane Harris of the Washingtonian.

"Bringing the War (Technology) Home" with Konstantin Kakaes of the New America Foundation.

"A Drone of Your Own" with Joseph Lorenzo Hall from the Center for Democracy & Technology, Matthew Waite, Founder of Drone Journalism Lab, and Don Roby, Captain of the Baltimore County Police Department moderated by Shane Harris of the Washingtonian.

"Nature’s New Watchdogs" with Carter Roberts, President and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund, Robbie Hood, Director of Unmanned Aerial Systems (NOAA), moderated by The Guardian's Suzanne Goldenberg.

"Flying Mission Creep: What We Can Learn from the Pentagon’s History with Drones" with Rosa Brooks of the New America Foundation.

Look Up and Smile for Big Brother" with Daniel Rothenberg from the ASU School of Politics and Global Studies, Catherine Crump at the ACLU, and Matt Wald of the New York Times.

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