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Report on American Education: Public Schools Rated Average

by Michael Higham, published

A report on American education provides interesting comparisons of schools around the world. The average time spent on mathematics instruction per day is at 3.7 hours in the US. This ranks higher than most countries, but there is also significant time spent on remedial instruction.

Although the average class size is 23.6 students per class, there are 12.8 students for every teacher in the US. There are approximately 67.2 million classroom teachers and administrators, and 13.3 million assistant teachers.

With regards to higher education, 71.5 percent of female and 65.9 percent male high school graduates go directly to college. Bachelor's degrees are most frequently acquired with about 1.6 million awarded every year.

Public schools received a C-average when graded by US adults, a consistent sentiment since 1990.

Statistics were used from the Institute of Educational Sciences, a research division of the US Department of Education:

Report on American Education Credit:

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