Why The Fish Out of Water?

Chad PeaceWell, I was going to title my personal column “the Contrarian,” but I do often agree with the majority. I am excited to start my “fish out of water” column because I, as a contributor and editor from the beginning of IVN, have tried to keep my opinions out of the discussion; not wanting my opinion to be taken as a reflection or representation of IVN as a whole. Because IVN is a platform and a moderator, not a voice.

As IVN has grown and developed technologically, I look forward to this place on the network to offer my sometimes unpopular, sometimes crazy, and this is the last time I’ll admit it, sometimes wrong opinions. I’ll also offer some bits of commentary, links, and what insight I can into issues that I find interesting.

People close to me know that I have an odd sense of interests. I love cooking. I hate celebrity gossip. And I love-hate politics.

When it comes to politics, I consider myself a fish out of water because, to be quit honest, I am not as “informed” as I should be on the “issues of the day.” From my out of water perception, the current political discussion has muddied the waters with a level of intellectual dishonesty that is less productive than the celebrity garble that fills the pages of some more popular, established, and trusted “news” operations. At least the celebrity garble isn’t intended to govern the safety of our families, the direction of our economy, and the future of our freedoms.

As a consequence, I have an interest in more esoteric political interests such as electoral reform, inter-party turmoil, and advances in political technology.

As a fish out of water, those are the things I will discuss right here.