Words of Thanks and Welcome

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Before we begin, I think a bit of thanks is in order.

Thanks to Alex Gauthier, who recruited me as a contributor to Independent Voter Network after reading a few blog posts from the rarely updated and read political blog The Amateur Political Pundit, a blog in a long line of blogs which would be created, worked on, then abandoned by me. I had previously never heard of Independent Voter Network, and probably never would have without him. It was that opportunity that allowed me, after writing my own articles on the topics of my choice, to eventually be writing for my own column. Thanks to Shawn Griffiths, who continues to keep me focused and on track, while also allowing me the freedom in writing news articles and pursuing the stories I find interesting. Most of all, thanks to the IVN community, which has been a hub of great debate and conversation without ever delving into the toxic partisan insanity that has plagued even the best of political sites (I’m looking at you Politico.). Talking with you guys has been informative, interesting, and not headache inducing!

Now that I have all that out of the way, I think it’s time to discuss what exactly is The Austin Pundit. The Austin Pundit is a column in which I will continually write about the interesting developments in the world of Texas Politics. Most of it will be fact based reporting, since I still have much to learn about politics and writing before I begin to fully form secure arguments armed with only my wits and keyboard. I will attempt it later on, as my confidence increases, but it won’t be the focus of this column. For now, my focus will mostly be on the elections and inner workings of the Texas Legislature, that is until the Legislature eventually goes out of session and I have to find a new topic to ramble incoherently about for a few paragraphs each week. We’ll worry about that when the time comes.

Until then, thank you for visiting my column and hopefully you will follow me on this crazy journey. Destination? The eventual improvement of my writing, the understanding of politics in general, and an expose of the crazy world that is Texas politics.