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America: A new direction

by Mike Farmer, published

I have to believe that enough Americans are waking up to create a change in direction. If we've lost a majority to State dependence and the false comfort of security over liberty, then it's over for America, but I don't believe that's the case. I'm hoping America is approaching a Second Revolution.

The State's minions are busy in their attempts to marginalize those who promote limited government, individual rights and a free market, but we're growing in number, and the day will come when the economy is in such bad condition, and the State's failures are so numerous, and the promises have been broken so often, and the deceptions are revealed so clearly, that people wake up and act. We first remove the statists from government through peaceful elections, then we demand our newly elected representatives make the systemic changes necessary for the economy the thrive and a new prosperity to begin.

Before this can happen, the American people have to go through a psychic change, understanding the awesome responsibilities that liberty entails. It's not some telling others how they have to be responsible -- it's that if enough are not responsible and they don't diligently protect liberty, they'll lose it permanently. To be responsible the American people have to think in terms of charity, cooperation, competition and problem solving, because a powerful State achieves total dominance when the people don't appear to possess the abilities necessary to deal with social problems. Who knows what came first, the people asking for government help or government incrementally foisting that "help" on society in order to better control the direction of society -- now, it just has to change. In the 21st century, there's no doubt that Americans in the private sector can deal with the social problems of poverty, access to effective education, proper healthcare, safety net issues of all sorts and planning for retirement, better than government. We only have to limit government, untangle government enmeshment and take on the responsibilities.

Free people are brilliant people. Given the opportunity and responsibility to live together peacefully in civil society, we'll figure it out locally and nationally in more creative and effective ways than bureacracies fighting over and protecting fiefdoms. We'll still need government to protect our rights and police our streets, and settle disputes in courts of law, so that the rule of law allows us the certainty we need to plan and invest and live with relative peace of mind, but a government focused on limited duties will be more proficient than one divided and balkanized and imploding from too much of everything and not enough clarity provided by limits. Our government has become one big redistribution center which builds a base of support through benefits and promises of financial security, and it's bankrupting the nation and creating a nation of dependents. It's spiritually destruction to be dependent on the State. Our interventionist government's only purpose now is to protect the power of the State in any way necessary. We have to redefine the State, regain our sense of country/people/melting pot/nation, and limit government so that it serves us by protecting individual rights. We tell government what to do, not the other way around.

The State becomes just a representative function as we trade freely in the global market, and as we work with other nations to find better ways toward global peace and shared prosperity through production and discoveries and creative energy. We've been destructive long enough, and America can no longer be the Global Police Force, nor can Americans allow the military/industrial complex to abuse  our troops and keep the rest us blind and ignorant regarding its many overseas interventions. Situations like Benghazi, in which the administration just refuses to tell the truth, can't persist.

Yes, we need a new direction. We need to deal with one another in new and innovative and creative ways, and we need to deal with the world differently. There's much to create, to produce, to invent and enjoy. It's only dark because government controls the light at this point.

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