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5 Things the Federal Government Has Done Right

by Lucas Eaves, published

Americans have grown more unhappy with the federal government in recent years. Congress' approval rating is at a historic low and criticizing the government's actions has become a rally shout for a part of the population.

In this environment, it is easy to forget how the government has changed the way we live for the better. The following infographic, provided by Best Social Work Programs, highlights five areas in which governmental action was successful and should be acknowledged.

For example, 23 percent of all roadway traffic in the United States is on interstates highways. The interstate highway system was built by the federal government, under the influence of President Eisenhower, and has had a major role in shaping the United States into a world economic power.

The federal government has also been a major investor in communication infrastructures from the telegraph to communication satellites. Without these investments, we would not be able to enjoy low communication costs.

The federal government is also instrumental in securing the country's energy supply. Not only does this apply to foreign oil, but about 30 percent of domestic oil production comes from federal land.

Finally, the federal government played a major role in encouraging education in the country as well as improve public health and safety.

Credit: Best Social Work Programs

5 things the federal government has done right

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