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The 24/7 press, the 140 characters on Twitter, and the ease of publication have encouraged journalists to rush to the proverbial printer. Hyperbolized headlines and dramatized debates are too often the focus of our public dialogue. By the time the “whole story” comes out, we’ve moved on to the next “oh my Gosh” moment.

At IVN, while we are an open platform for independent contributors, this doesn’t mean IVN is a place to eat with your hands. And while contributors won’t get every fact or story exactly right, what we ask as an editorial team and readership is for everyone to take a breath and do their best to be informative, not reactive.

The historical pride we have in our 4th branch of government often clashes with the speed of new technology. But, we don’t think one has to be compromised for the other. We are at the beginning of both a journalistic and a technological venture, and are excited to start sharing some of the tools we’ve been working on to bridge the two.

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New Columns on IVN

Get A Grip

As we plug away on the development of the IVN network, we are proud to announce that we are beginning the process of making IVN columns and stand-alone-blog sites available to more and more contributors.

In these early stages, it is important from both a technological and editorial standpoint that contributors who are able to self-publish into the news cycle are committed to the IVN Etiquette.

As we open up the platform, we will be asking you all to help us take an editorial role in moderating and protecting the level of discourse. We are working on tools to assist you in doing so and will keep you informed as they are ready to launch.


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Contributor of the Week

Hannah Leone

Hannah is a satellite Intern with IVN.

She is a journalism major at Western Washington University with Spanish and political science minors. She is interested in the impact of technology on communication, and how to best use technology, especially social media, to practice good journalism.

Recent Articles:

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Hash or Credit? Why Banks Should Cash In on the Marijuana Industry

Washington State Vacates House Bill to Waive Marijuana Misdemeanors

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The Non-Partisan Top-Two Primary Legal Battle Continues

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