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What Are Your Tax Dollars Being Spent On?

by Alex Gauthier, published

Chris Fontaine from Al Jazeera Frames brings us an animated interview from Flashpoints Radio co-host Dennis Bernstein with investigative reporter, Dave Lindorff. The video, Tax Dollars at War, illustrates the comparison between domestic spending programs like the Affordable Care Act and foreign intervention costs from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lack of transparency for classified programs run by the National Security Administration, Central Intelligence Agency, and Defense Intelligence Agency can accrue billions in undisclosed spending that can not be made public. As mentioned by Dave Lindorff in the interview, $37 billion is only a general estimate for the black box fund allocated to the various defense agencies for war-related activities and without public knowledge.

Likewise the costs associated with the drone program are extremely high. One RQ-1 MQ-1 'Predator' type drone costs about $4 million alone.

Similarly, the interest alone on past wars is about $400 billion. All of these costs are for one year alone. When put in perspective against the health care projections, tax dollars being spent on war overshadows the myriad of domestic spending programs that are often the cause of significant controversy.

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