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A Tweet Chat on Taxes: Fixing Failed Tax Policy

by Jane Susskind, published
Thursday, April 5, 5pm PT, 8pm ET

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Yesterday marked the first day of April, which means the deadline to file your taxes is just two weeks away. The looming tax deadline not only raises questions about how to file your taxes, but also makes us question why we're paying taxes, what's wrong with our current tax code, and how we can reform it.

In light of tax season, our Tweet Chat for the month of April will be on "Fixing Failing Tax Policy," and will focus on key issues facing our tax system. What is the biggest problem in our current tax system? How should we reform the corporate tax code to both compete globally and close loopholes? Would a FairTax be reasonable alternative?

What: Tweet Chat on "Fixing Failed Tax Policy"

When: Thursday, April 4, 5-6pm PT, 8-9pm ET


Hashtag: #IVNchat

Participating is easy: All you have to do is sign in to with your Twitter account at 5pm PST on Thursday, enter in the hashtag #IVNchat, and join the conversation!

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