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Why Not?

by Chad Peace, published

Imagine if quality journalists from all over the country joined together to create a decentralized non-profit news source that rises above the partisan chatter, where contributors are bound only by a simple etiquette.

Why Not?

Most of us agree that partisanship has hurt the political process and reduced the dialogue in this country. Yet, our political leaders and news outlets tend to perpetuate the partisanship by reducing the conversation to a superficial two-sided debate.

As IVN grows, we will continue to encourage and promote opinions from all parts of the political spectrum.

To expand this effort, we have been plugging away on our website development. Soon, contributors will be offered the opportunity to have their own fully customizable website, linked to the news cycle by the IVN platform.  This will allow newsworthy posts to be promoted to IVN's front-page by the click of a button, while allowing much more autonomy for contributors to keep their own voice.

Find out how you can become a contributor today!

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Contributor of the Week

Samuel Genson

New contributor on IVN Sam was the Political Director of Latham for Congress in 2004 and worked for the Republican Party of Iowa in 2002. While his political experience has been focused on the GOP, he believes that the best path forward for the United States and its citizenry is to have both parties work together for compromise. Find out how you can become a contributor today!

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