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PPIC Study: Californians Against Spending and Political Parties

by Chad Peace, published

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) just released a study which covered everything from spending, to gun control, to the initiative process. Here are the highlights of the survey:

  • On the high-speed rail: 54% of voters now oppose the $68 billion price tag
  • On the 2014 proposed water bond: just 41% of Californians favor the proposed measure
  • On the environment: 49 percent say stricter laws and regulations cost too many jobs and hurt the economy, while 46 percent say stricter laws and regulations are worth the cost.
  • On government regulation of business: 55 percent of likely voters say it does more harm than good, and 40 percent say it is necessary to protect the public interest.
  • On climate change: 66 percent saying the government should regulate the release of greenhouse gases
  • On the Governor's job approval: 48% approve
  • On the Legislature's job Approval: 25% approve
  • On Optimism: 41% have a positive economic outlook
  • On the citizen Initiative process: 72% have a positive approval rating of the process
  • On President Obama: Californian's give him a 57% approval rating
  • On federal priorities: 71% of Californian's think reducing the deficit is a priority; immigration (52%), gun policy (42%), and climate change (33%) follow.
  • On raising the federal minimum wage to $9.00/hr: an overwhelming 71% of Californians agree
  • On gun control: about 49% believe government should control gun ownership, 62% favor a ban on high-capacity ammunition, and 67% favor creating a national database to track gun sales.
  • On political parties: 53% have a favorable view of the Democratic party, and just 34% have a favorable view of the Republican Party.  Just 58% of Republicans have a favorable view of their own party.

A final striking figure in the survey: A majority of likely voters (59%) say the two major parties do such a poor job representing the American people that a third major party is needed, while just 32 percent say the Republican and Democratic parties do an adequate job.

Visit PPIC to download the entire survey HERE

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