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Should the Commercial Use of Drones be Allowed?

by Lucas Eaves, published

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as drones, have been a big subject of debate in recent months because of the Executive Branch's use of predator drones in the war against terrorism abroad.

Many Americans are also concerned about potential domestic use of UAVs by government and law enforcement agencies. However, a little discussed topic is the upcoming commercial use of drones for non-military purposes.

In 2012, a law was passed asking the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), NASA, and other federal agencies to prepare the integration of commercial drones in the American airspace, which could allow 30,000 drones to populate the airspace by 2015.

UAVs could be extremely useful in a very broad number of areas, including telecommunications, weather forecast, transportation, search and rescue, and in the contested area of aerial surveillance.

If the commercial use of drones could revolutionize numerous fields, it would not come without its share of concerns in terms of privacy, air traffic security, and potential misuses.

The following infographic, created by Maps of World, provides detailed information about the different use for UAVs, as well as the different types of UAVs currently in use.

After reviewing this infographic, do you think drones should be allowed to fly commercially? 


 Commercial Use of Drones

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