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Fun and Little Known Facts About United States Presidents

by Lucas Eaves, published

The United States has had many presidents over the course of its history and except for the few legendary presidents, its sometimes difficult and somewhat boring to remember much about them.

However, there are many fun facts about United States presidents that can be easily remembered and will help you impress your friends at your next social event:

  • Only 21 states have been the place of birth of a US president, Virginia winning with 8 presidents. #FunFact: Tweet
  • The country had to wait until its 9th president, Martin Van Buren, to have its first American-born citizen elected president. All the previous ones were citizen of the British colonies. #FunFact: Tweet
  • Gerald Ford held his daughter's high school prom in the White House. #FunFact: Tweet
  • Calvin Coolidge's large pet collection included: 2 lion cubs, 1 wallaby, 1 antelope, 1 black bear, and 1 pigmy hippo. #FunFact: Tweet

The following infographic, provided by eCollegeFinder, gives a fun overview of historical facts about United States presidents.


United States Presidents Fun Facts

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