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How The National Debt Affects You, Let's Tweet About It

by Jane Susskind, published

National Debt Tweet Chat

In our ongoing effort to include our audience in the political process, we are hosting our monthly tweet chat this Thursday, February 7th on the highly contested topic of the National Debt. 

Follow the conversation below and join using hashtag #IVNchat:

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Tweets about "#IVNchat"

As of today, our national debt exceeded $16.5 trillion dollars. In suspending the nation's $16.5 trillion debt ceiling until May 19, the Democratic-controlled Senate has managed to bypass (for now) the partisan bickering that will surely ensue over the best course of action for reducing the national debt. With the threat of having their pay withheld, lawmakers are pressed to compromise on the federal budget, a task they've struggled with in previous years.

In preparation for the negotiations that will take place in Washington this year, we are inviting you to join us and a wide array of nonpartisan organizations, economic experts, and informed citizens in a discussion on "How the National Debt Affects You" on Twitter:

You can join the tweet chat by either mentioning @IVNetwork on Twitter or adding the hashtag #IVNchat to your tweets.  It will be on Thursday, Feb. 7 from 5-6pm Pacific Time, 8-9pm Eastern. For the duration of the hour, we will be asking questions on the national debt, possible solutions, and the economics behind the debt ceiling, for you and other participants to answer and engage in a conversation about the topic.  Tweet

We anticipate a lively discussion on effective ways to reduce the deficit, reforming the tax code, contributing factors to the national debt, the likelihood of compromise among our elected officials, and an international comparison. Please remember to be courteous during the tweet chat and refer back to our etiquette guidelines.

What: National Debt Tweet Chat

When: Thursday, 5-6pm PT, 8-9pm ET


Hashtag: #IVNchat

Any questions? Either tweet at us using the hashtag #IVNchat or ask below in the comments section.

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