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Jim Harbaugh USD Football Documentary

by Michael Thorsnes, published

In the next contribution to the artists corner, I am pleased to release for publication a video/slideshow on Jim Harbaugh's brilliant success in his first head coaching job at University of San Diego. The film is 28-minutes long and covers the last two games of the 2006 season, in which Harbaugh took the team to its second Pioneer League football championship. Following the 2006 season Harbaugh was hired by Stanford where he again worked his magic, moving to become head coach at Stanford and then moving thereafter to the San Francisco 49ers.

He did it again and will play in the Superbowl against his brother. The film paints an outgoing salute to the players on the team and demonstrates again and again Harbaugh's fire on the football field. His accomplishments are summarized in the 16th minute of the film. I was vice-chair on the board of trustees for the University at the time when it was made, and had full access to Harbaugh and the team.

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