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10 Social Media Facts Sure To "Wow" You

by Jane Susskind, published

Living in the digital age, social media has become heavily integrated into our daily practices, with most of us checking our newsfeeds even before brushing our teeth in the morning. It has become an essential resource for companies hoping to expand business, politicians working to better engage with their constituents, and everyday users who want to stay connected to their friends abroad and stay updated with the brands they love. Tweet infographic: Tweet

In 2012, social media users passed 1 billion worldwide. To put that into perspective, one seventh of the world's population is now plugged into social networks, with the majority of users connecting on Facebook. However, did you know that 54 percent of Facebook users access the site via mobile use? That might explain why it's "the most addicting social network," with users checking their accounts five or more times per day. Tweet stat: Tweet

How about that adults, not teens, are increasingly logging on to their Facebook and Twitter accounts? Contrary to popular belief, the fastest growing segment in social media use is 45-54 year olds, proving that age is just a number when it comes to social status. Not included in the infographic is the number of online adults that now use social media: 69 percent.

When it comes to Twitter, politics matters. With Twitter users 33% more likely to be Democrats, it seems like Obama's following could have played a factor in his 2008 and 2012 victories. Tweet stat: Tweet

Don't believe me? See for yourself below with these ten social media facts sure to "wow" you, compiled by arraeCreative Denver, with statistics from

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10 Social Media Facts

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