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Teddy Turner to Run as a Republican for SC Congressional Seat

by Blake Bunch, published

teddy turner

Teddy Turner, son of media mogul Ted Turner, has announced he will run for an open Congressional seat in South Carolina. The open seat was created by a U.S. Senate appointment after Jim Demint's departure. Follow @TeddyTurnerIV

The March 19 primary for the 1st Congressional District has attracted ten Republicans and two Democrats, including former Governor Mark Sanford. Sanford is best remembered for his extramarital affair with an Argentine woman, and is looking to make a political comeback.

Though many speculated comedian Stephen Colbert would make a run for public office, his sister, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, will be running for the seat instead, as a Democrat amidst a crowded GOP field.

Colbert-Busch currently holds a position as the business-development director for the wind turbine program at Clemson University, and has caused quite a stir in South Carolina with her announcement to run against Sanford and Turner.

The 1st Congressional District stretches from the barrier islands northeast of the Charleston Peninsula to the Hilton Head area, and is historically a Republican stronghold.

Turner's politics differ vastly from  his father's, who has widely been known to support the Democratic party. Currently an Economics teacher at Charleston Collegiate School, a private school on the outskirts of the city, Turner approaches the race as a newcomer, and "not a career politician."

He claims that taking a job to work in the then Soviet Union as a cameraman for CNN pushed his politics to the right.

According to an Associated Press article, in the Soviet Union Turner saw "a busted centralized economy," and experienced socialized medicine firsthand after being involved in a traffic accident.

"That is scary and we never need to get there," said Turner.

In an attempt to appeal to independent voters, Turner aims to "work across the aisle" regarding economic issues.

South Carolina, remaining a highly conservative state, provides the possibility that Turner's right-leaning politics may appeal to those in the district. Tweet

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