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Dissecting Assault Weapons in America

by Charles Sipe, published

The debate over assault weapons in America is at a fever pitch following the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, and both sides are providing enthusiastic arguments about proposed changes to gun laws in America.

One of the most contentious points of the debate is whether the Second Amendment should be limited in regards to the availability of the group of powerful weapons known as assault weapons. The term "assault weapon" itself is debated, as it is a nebulous term with several variations, but typically refers to military-style handguns and rifles with features that make them useful in combat.

This infographic focuses on some of the assault weapons that are currently under scrutiny such as the AR-15, the weapon involved in the school shooting at Newtown. With the ability to shoot up to 45 rounds in a minute, it is one of the most powerful weapons that are available to the public for around $1,000. See the infographic below to learn more about the common assault weapons available today.

assault weapons in America

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