City’s Only Community Radio Station In Danger of Losing FCC License


San Diego’s only community radio station will lose its FCC license if it cannot raise sufficient funds to broadcast by June of this year. To make a dent in its $10,000 goal, KNSJ 89.1 hosted a gala called the “People’s Ball” on Saturday, January 19th.

The People’s Ball included musical performances by Kelsea Rae Little, Jason Brock, TranscenDANCE Youth, the Full Strength Funk Band, and a speech by Mayor Bob Filner.

Despite the $8,000 raised at the gala, KNSJ still needs help to reach its monetary goal. Like a true community radio station, KNSJ is counting on the support of the San Diego community to help them broadcast unbiased, nonpartisan, independent media by buying tickets or donating.

In total, KNSJ needs $20,000 to stay on the air for the entirety of 2013. Luckily for the station, a private donor has promised to provide half of this amount if KNSJ can raise the other half on its own. $11,000 is needed for the antennae, $4,000 for its installation, and $6,000 for additional studio equipment.

Activist San Diego (ASD), the nonprofit behind KNSJ, has been the main financial source, but are unable to provide the money necessary to broadcast. KNSJ has applied for grants, but has had unsuccessful results.

KNSJ founder and ASD member, Martin Eder, believes that if KNSJ cannot meet its deadline, reapplication for a signal is unlikely considering how infrequently the FCC lets stations apply to broadcast.