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Fix The Senate Now: The Case for Filibuster Reform

by Jane Susskind, published

Since 2009, the Senate has spent 2,880 hours waiting to move forward because of Senate procedures such as the filibuster. Under the current rules, 60 votes are required for any measure to proceed. Far from the original constitutional intent of the founders, the 60-vote requirement on filibuster has arguably led to stagnation and abuse in the Senate.

While Reps Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon), John McCain (R-Arizona) and Carl Levin (D-Michigan) propose competing filibuster reforms, organizations focused on reform are tackling the issue online through the Fix The Senate Now coalition. Among the organizations are the Alliance for Justice, the Brennan Center, the Communications Workers of America(CWA), Common Cause, the Sierra ClubUnited Auto Workers (UAW) and Voices for Progress.

As part of their push for a more balanced Senate, the coalition is "re-engaging, making the case that substantial Senate rules reform in the next Congress." Below is an infographic making their case:


Fix The Senate Now

Source: Upworthy and Fix The Senate Now

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