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Infographic: Social Media Statistics of 2012

by Jane Susskind, published

In 2012, we witnessed the exponential growth of Pinterest, the acquisition of the popular photo sharing app Instagram, and watched as Facebook passed 1 billion users worldwide. As social media became more accessible, people and businesses started signing on in droves, with 23% of users checking their accounts 5 or more times a day.

Aggregated from statistics posted in Brian Honigman's "100 Fascinating Social Media Statistics and Figures from 2012," iStrategyLabs published an infographic visualizing the advancements in social media over the course of they year.

Some notable takeaways:
  • Websites go social: "1 million websites have integrated with Facebook."
  • Friends influence your social behaviors online: "69% of follows are suggested by friends."
  • Engagement is key: "56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored."
  • In the last 6 years: "Since the dawn of Twitter there has been a total of 163 billion tweets."
  • People who use Google+ use it a lot: "Active users spend over 60 minutes a day across Google products."
  • Google+ may be good for your website: "Websites using the +1 Button increase page traffic by 350%."
  • A picture's worth a thousand words: "More than 5 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every 24 hours.
  • People love Instagram: "Time spend on Instagram vs. Twitter is 257 minutes vs. 170 minutes."
  • Females are doing the majority of pinning: "80% of [Pinterest] users are women."

Reflecting on the social media statistics of 2012, we can better understand the role of social media in the future. After looking at these statistics, what are your predictions for 2013?

Source: Mediabistro


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