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Breaking Ground: Horton Plaza Westfield Mall Addition

by Emma Goda, published

The  Horton Plaza Westfield Mall broke ground on November 29 for restoration purposes. These renovations will create a central gathering space, and restore the existing park and fountain that are a historic part of Horton Plaza Park. The Horton Plaza Westfield Mall is a public-private partnership between the City of San Diego, Civic San Diego, and Westfield moving this project forward.

"Today we embark on a project that will create an iconic multi-use space for visitors and residents from throughout San Diego County," said San Diego City Council President Pro Tem Kevin L. Faulconer, who represents the downtown community. "It has been apparent for quite some time that Horton Plaza Park needed a makeover. The square must be restored to meet the needs of downtown's growing population and reclaim its historic role as a regional destination for San Diegans and future generations. Along with other new attractions such as the waterfront park, the urban plaza will be a beloved downtown amenity for years to come."

Before it was the Horton Plaza Mall, the area was known for the park where San Diegans gathered to witness presidents speak. The city is looking to replenish the park, establishing it once again for San Diegans to enjoy. During the groundbreaking ceremony, a time capsule was put together by the stakeholders that was buried at the new urban plaza - to be brought up by future generations in the next fifty years.

The San Diego City Council voted in favor of the new plaza back in January 2011, and would look to transfer the ownership of the land to the city and maintain the park for twenty-five years and it will help to restore the existing park across from the property.

Construction of the Horton Plaza Westfield Mall is expected to begin April 2013, and looks to be completed around spring 2014. This will ultimately help to create a more inviting environment downtown for future generations to come.

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