Meet the New California State Senators

Newly drawn odd-numbered state senatorial districts seats were up for election this year. Many electees have never previously held office as a California state senator, but have robust track records serving their communities and/or as a state assemblymember.

The biographical excerpts below highlight some of the newly elected California state senators’ listings of accomplishments. For example, the maps lists Senator Monning’s 20 years spent as Professor of International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the Monterey Institute of International Studies or Senator Block’s extensive 26 year contributions to San Diego’s academic community.

California’s Newest Senate Members: Click on The Districts Below

Meet the New California State Senators

Jerry Hill (D): 13th District

Jerry Hill has served the City and County of San Mateo as City Councilmember, Mayor and most recently County Supervisor for the last 20 years. A San Mateo native, Sen. Berryhill will now represent his home town and its surrounding communities as California State Senator for the 13th District. Sen. Berryhill have served his community as an active member of numerous organizations including the San Mateo Medical Center, the San Mateo Youth Foundation, and the Advisory Board for Sustainable San Mateo. He has a Teaching Credential from UC San Francisco and a B.A. in History frmo UC Berkeley.  Read Full Bio

Jim Beall (D): 15th District

Jim Beall spent 14 years on the San Jose City Council and thereafter 12 years on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. Jim has represented the Bay Area’s 24th Assembly District since 2006 and will now serve the residents of Greater San Jose as California State Senator for the 15th District. One of Sen. Beall’s greatest accomplishments was laying the foundation for bringing the famous Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system to the South Bay.  Read Full Bio

Bill Monning (D): 17th District

One of California’s newest members of legislature, serving the 27th State Assembly District since 2008, Bill Monning will now serve as California State Senator for the Monterey Bay 17th Senatorial District. Sen. Monning has a rich academic, legal and humanitarian presence and history. Some of his distinguished titles include: Dir./Distinguished Prof. of Law, Mandell-Gisnet Center for Conflict Management, Monterey College of Law, (2005-present); Prof. of Int’l Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Monterey Inst. of International Studies, (1993-present); Exec. Dir., Int’l Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, (1987-1991); Dir., Salvadoran Medical Relief Fund, (1982-1987). Sen. Monning is also a Senior Fullbright Specialist.  Read Full Bio

Hannah-Beth Jackson (D): 19th District

Jackson started her career as a Deputy District Attorney eventually making a successful bid for the Assembly from 1998-2004. Her campaign themes focused on jobs creation, education, and environmentalism. Hannah-Beth served as Chair of the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Coastal Protection. She also served as Chair of the bipartisan Legislative Women’s Caucus and was Chair of the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee from 1999-2002.   Read Full Bio

Steve Knight (R): 21st District

Elected to Palmdale City Council in 2005 and then to State Assembly in 2008, Steve Knight has worked to relieve tax hikes and promote small business. Senator Knight served on LAPD for over 18 years and will now go on to represent the people of the 21st Senatorial District which surrounds the cities of Palmdale, Lancaster, Victorville and their outlying communities.  Read Full Bio

Richard Roth (D): 31st District

Roth spent 32 years in the military serving with the US Air Force JAG Corps and will now represent the people of the of the 31st State Senatorial District, which encompasses the Greater Riverside area. His priorities include securing a medical school for UC Riverside, using the community college system to create jobs for veterans, and the protection of education funding. As with many candidates from the Inland Empire, he is also campaigning on increased transportation infrastructure for the region.  Read Full Bio

Ricardo Lara (D): 33rd District

Current Chair of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, Ricardo Lara will serve the people of Long Beach as California State Senator for the 33rd District. Sen. Lara serves on the Appropriations Committee, the committees on Banking and Finance, Higher Education, and Water, Parks, and Wildlife. He is a member of the Assembly Select Committees on California Mexico Bi-national Affairs, Foster Care and on Post-Secondary Access and Matriculation.  Read Full Bio

Marty Block (D): 39th District

Marty Block will enter the State Senate with an extensive history in civic leadership and academia. He has formerly represented the 78th Assembly District and will now serve San Diego’s 39th Senatorial District. Sen. Block has 26 years experience as a professor/dean/director, is a Five-time Recipient of Outstanding Faculty Awards at San Diego State University who was presented with an University Distinguished Service Award upon retirement by former SDSU President Stephen Weber.  Read Full Bio

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