President Obama Wins Colorado and Nine Electoral Votes

Obama wins colorado and 9 electoral votes Credit: MSNBC[/caption]

President Barack Obama has won the swing state of Colorado according to the AP.

In the days leading up to the election, the race for Colorado’s nine electoral votes was extremely close, with President Obama ahead 1.5 points at 48.8%, and Governor Romney trailing close at 47.3%. Gallup showed Romney ahead 50-49%, while Rasmussen Reports polls him up 49-48% on Obama in Colorado. The state is home to over one million Independent voters.

Barack Obama won the historically Republican state in the 2008 election 53.5-44.9 percent, which was considered a major victory in the historically red state. Lacking in electoral votes (nine), the cause for the rapidity of change in swing state Colorado leading up to the Democratic victory in 2008, has provided much speculation on its affect in this election.

Romney made one last stop to court Colorado on November 3, with only 72 hours to go in the election. Appealing to the conservative base of Colorado Springs, to a crowd of 17,000 supporters, it is unlikely that he is trying to appeal to undecided voters – sticking to his base. Obama was on his coattails, in the Democratic leaning town of Aurora, Colorado, appealing to a crowd of some 20,000 supporters.

The Obama for American campaign spent over $29 million in the state compared to $17 million spent by the Romney for President campaign. Outside conservative expenditure groups contributed over $24 million in additional spending supporting the former Massachusetts governor. Priorities USA Action spent nearly $9 million in support of President Obama in the state. The left collectively spent over $38 million compared to the right’s collective $41 million.