President Barack Obama Wins Virginia by a Small Margin

CNN is reporting that President Obama won Virginia, although narrowly, with 50 percent to Romney’s 49 percent.

The swing state consists of 13 electoral votes, which are critical to securing a seat at the oval office, although the president secured the necessary 270 electoral votes well before Virginia was called. Running up to the election Obama and Romney were statistically tied 48% to 47% respectively, however Obama has lead Romney since his campaign started in early 2012 (Rasmussen had Romney ahead 50 to 48). Independents had been favoring Romney throughout the campaign whereas moderates fell more on Obama’s side. Before election day 7% of voters remained undecided, spurring rampant speculation as to where way the swing state would land.

In 2008 Virginia voted Democrat for the first time since 1964, 53% to 47% over John McCain. Obama was able to hold on to key Virginia demographics minorities, women, and affluent whites from the D.C. suburbs. This election however the voter demographics shifted slightly. Obama was able to maintain his lead in the densely populated D.C. suburb, Fairfax. Virginia women favored the President more than men, 54% of women voted for Obama; whereas 50% of men voted for Romney. Moderates too fell on the side of the president at 56%.

Virginia is comprised of 8 million inhabitants, and maintains a median household income of $61,000 (almost $10,000 more than the national average). Virginia has been fortunate enough to escape the recession, at least in part, with an unemployment rate of 5.9%. However this figure is up from 3.3% in January of 2008 and peaked at 7.3% in 2010.