Claire McCaskill Wins Controversial Missouri Senate Race

Claire McCaskill won the controversial Missouri senate race against Senator Todd Akin. The race for the Missouri Senate seat pitted incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill against the Republican Congressman. McCaskill currently holds 55 percent of the vote. Her opponent Republican Todd Akin currently has just 34 percent of the vote.

Todd Akin is known to most of the country as the guy who said “legitimate rape.” That’s about all most people learned about him. Akin may be known for a singular statement, but he’s not exactly your run of the mill Republican. A guy pillaged by the press, he’s a pain to the party. He was not supported by the GOP before he won his primary, and, since his comments went public, he’s relied his own campaign and, for obvious reasons, the pro-life movement, and took on the incumbent McCaskill.

McCaskill remains the senior member and first female member of the Missouri Senate. Prior to taking her seat six years ago, she served 8 years as the state’s auditor. For the next 6, she will represent Missouri once again in the United States Senate.