Top 5 Terms on Facebook on Election Eve

On Election Eve, Facebook is buzzing with status updates, photos, GOTV messages, and political opinions from politicians, candidates, and voters all using the network to get involved in the political process. Facebook is the perfect opportunity for those who are not constantly involved in politics to share their opinions and enter the political dialogue.

According to the U.S. Politics on Facebook Page, Americans across the country are talking about politics at an accelerated pace. In a recent status update, the page highlighted public interest in tomorrow’s election, providing statistics on Facebook mentions on election-related keywords today in America.

• “Vote” is up 596 percent
• “Election” is up 406 percent
• “Registered” is up 148 percent
• “Obama” is up 101 percent
• “Romney” is up 66 percent

The top 5 terms on Facebook on election eve in the United States were:

1) Vote (voting, remember to vote)
2) Obama (president)
3) Romney
4) Election (Election Day)
5) Ohio

CNN/Election Insights tracks conversations around the presidential candidates and reveals that popular Facebook posts on election eve favor Barack Obama. Showing an increase of 128%, Barack Obama was mentioned over 2.2 million times today on the social network, with Biden receiving 55,000 mentions. Republican challenger Mitt Romney, on the other hand, was just shy of 1.5 million mentions, while his running mate far surpassed Biden in mentions.

top 5 terms on Facebook on Election Eve

The U.S. Politics on Facebook page also hosts the CNN/Facebook “I’m Voting” app, which shows 355,398 people have pledge to vote in the 2012 election as of tonight. A new feature to the page is a Polling Locator, providing polling information to users based on zip code.

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