San Diego Beer Week Begins November 2nd: Drinkers Need Apply

It is no surprise that San Diegans love their beer.  Whether one prefers IPAs, Pale Ales, Lambics, Stouts, or simply something with a higher ABV (alcohol by volume), San Diego beer week is the perfect forum to celebrate all things barley and hops.  For this reason, and for beer’s sake in general, the San Diego Brewers Guild will be hosting San Diego Beer Week through November 2-11.

The city is home to some of the more well-known breweries in the country, so it is only natural for the event to last a week- well, more than a week- as trying to squeeze in 400 plus events will call for a lot of drinking.

The fourth annual event(s) of it’s kind, San Diego Beer Week, or SDBW 2012, will host beer dinners, festivals, rare bottle tastings, cheese pairings, brewery tours, classes, and much more.  SDBW is funded in part by the San Diego Tourism Marketing District, through the utilization of City of San Diego Tourism Marketing District Assessment Funds.

Festivities begin with the “Tap Takeover” on November 2 at 7am sharp (yes, it is socially acceptable to drink this early) at La Bella Pizza/Cafe and Game in South County.  The Tap Takeover will continue throughout the day into November 3, with local breweries Karl Strauss, Stone, and Ballast Point running shop intermittently.  If that is too early for one to start slamming pints, Stone and Karl Strauss will be hosting “beer breakfasts” at their respective breweries from 9am-12pm.

A city-wide celebration, the festivities will cover nearly every part of San Diego County.  For more information on the full day of events on Friday November 2, click here.  With the election season nearly coming to a close, it is highly encouraged to stop the partisan bickering, and simply join the party.